Investing in crypto is complex.

High-quality, investable crypto indices.


Passive investment approach


Highly selective investment criteria

Sector Diversified

Market cap weighted, rebalanced monthly


Calculated daily in real-time


Members of MVIS family of benchmarks

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We create a safe and secure way to invest.

We believe that asset protection and investor security is paramount. We’ve institutionalized our investment infrastructure to include strict multifactor operational controls and procedures that are maintained throughout the investment process.

Coinbase Custody is an NYDFS-regulated entity operating as a standalone, independently-capitalized business. Coinbase Custody is a fiduciary under NY State Banking Law and a qualified custodian offering industry-leading insurance.

Safe Storage

All crypto assets are held in 100% cold storage, the safest way to store crypto assets.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multiple individuals must sign-off when transferring assets out of cold storage.

Security Controls

Two-factor authentication and whitelisting of fund specific public keys is required.

Backup Management

Redundancy controls are in place with multiple backups to replicate and recover lost or stolen hardware devices.

We work for best execution and pricing

Crescent trades with the most reputable digital asset counterparties so you don’t have to worry about exchange fees and expenses. Our preferred counterparties compete against each other to deliver Crescent best-in-class pricing and execution whenever we transact business.

  • Galaxy Digital - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Binance - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Cumberland DRW - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Genesis - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Circle - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Coinbase - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index
  • Kraken - Crypto Trading Partner - Crypto Index

We streamline tax reporting and harvesting of tax losses

We operate strategically during periods when tax-loss harvesting can be applied within our funds. Our fund aggregates the profit and loss of your crypto holdings making it easy to track. We issue a single K-1 at year-end, making your tax preparation easy.

Crypto Index Tax Preparation and Reporting

We customize the investment experience based on your needs.

We work alongside investors to understand what they need. We are high-touch, transparent and focused on delivering the right solution at a competitive price point. Our platform’s open-architecture offers investors a wide-range of ways to partner with us.

Private Offerings

  • Multi-coin portfolio in a single investment
  • Available for accredited investors
  • Low investment minimum
  • Attractive liquidity
  • Competitive pricing

Custom Solutions

  • Managed and custom cryptocurrency portfolios
  • Tailored "Fund-of-One" structures
  • Bespoke pricing, terms and liquidity

Knowledge Sharing

  • Outsourced Crypto Investment Office (OCIO)
  • Investment program design and implementation
  • Investment education, best practices and operational training
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