We help investors navigate the world of cryptocurrency.

Crescent Crypto Asset Management is the leader in crypto index fund investing and crypto benchmarking. We offer a platform of services and solutions differentiated by our people and approach to crypto investing.

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How to Invest: Crypto Index Fund

How it works

We are a financial services firm dedicated to crypto asset investing. We manage a suite of high-quality indices, complexity-free offerings and customized investment programs for high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

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Track real time performance of cryptocurrency market index

Track our index

We apply a stringent selection criterion that systematically tracks the performance of the most liquid, secure and investable crypto assets. Indices are market-cap weighted, automatically rebalanced and priced in real time.

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Investment offering and terms: Crypto Index Fund

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Our flagship offering, the Crescent Crypto Market Index Fund, is a rules-based strategy that provides exposure to over 85% of the crypto market in a single investment. Investors benefit from a liquid, secure and cost-efficient investment structure.

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