Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index (CCDARK)

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The Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index (CCDARK) is a rules-based cryptocurrency sector index that is designed to measure the performance of a market capitalization weighted basket of privacy and anonymity cryptocurrencies.


24hMTDQTDYTDSince December 31, 2016
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CCDARK represents the Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index, which began on March 31, 2017. BTC is represented by CryptoCompare Bitcoin composite pricing. The CCMIX is a broad-based cryptocurrency market index.

The chart and graph above represent back tested results of the Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index. Performance prior to January 1st, 2018 represents a hypothetical, backtested and unaudited return-stream that does not represent the returns of an actual account. Index performance does not include fees and expenses that are charged by the Fund. Actual returns may differ materially from hypothetical, backtested returns. Back testing is calculated by retroactively applying a financial model or Index-weighting methodology to the historical data to obtain returns.

Performance of an index is not illustrative of any particular investment. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. Please refer to additional important disclosures here.

Key Info

The CCDARK began on December 31, 2016 and employs a trailing 90-day average market cap weighted selection methodology that represents the privacy and anonymity subsector within the digital asset universe.

Data as of: November 14, 2019, 4:00 PM
Index Name Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index (CCDARK)
Index Type Cryptocurrency Sector Index
Inception Date March 31, 2017
# of Constituents 2
Weighing Method Trailing 90-day Average Market Cap
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Currency USD
Index Administrator MV Index Solutions
Calculation Agent CryptoCompare
Bloomberg Ticker CCDARK


The CCDARK determines a digital asset’s index eligibility considering the following criteria:

Crypto Market Cap Size - Cryptocurrency Market Index


Trailing 90-day average market cap must be greater than $250 million

Crypto Liquidity - Cryptocurrency Market Index


30-day average trading volume must exceed $1.5 million for at least one day over the past month, and must trade on 2 or more trusted exchanges

Crypto Custody - Cryptocurrency Market Index


Must be eligible for cold storage through a hardware wallet or trusted 3rd party

Crypto Security


No known security issues – including potential bugs, exposure to 51% attacks, announce delisting from exchanges, etc.

Crypto Float


Must have free-floating price and not be pegged to other digital assets, traditional assets or fiat currencies



Crescent Crypto Investment Committee has quailfied all CCDARK constituents as digital assets with a privacy and anonymity use-case

Detailed index methodology for the CCDARK is available in our Index Guide


Data as of: November 14, 2019, 4:00 PM
NameTickerCloseMarket CapSectorWeight
Monero Monero
XMR $65.23$1,127,174,530Anonymity86.75 %
ZCash ZCash
ZEC $36.27$280,199,134Anonymity13.24 %

Allocation Breakdown - By Weight

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